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I reckon this site has been rebirthed as a blog of sorts.  We'll cover things we do, places we visit, and people we meet.  Do not consider anything posted here as an endorsement or recommendation (legally speaking that is).  But what you will see is good stuff. We won't be posting any negative comments here. Hope you enjoy it.  And it you see your business mentioned, and for some reason don't want it listed.  Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will cheerfully remove the info.

We recently used Grander Marine to repower our old Proline 2950, the "Fish Tape".  These folks did a great job, at a fair price.  They are my kind of folks.  I knew that when I walked in the office and saw offshore tackle laying about.  If you are looking for a repower, a new boat, or a used bargain, check out Grander Marine in Orange Beach, AL.  Or call Mark Bazor at (251) 271-0166.  Tell him Phillip went ya.

In Orange Beach, if you need an boat serviced, call these guys.  Big boat dealers "swap parts" these guys will fix your boat.  And they are mobile. Check out or give them a call at 251-979-3860.

Had a jones to learn to catch winter trout.  Josh Lim took me out for a half-day (spent way more time than that) and schooled me on cold weather trout. This guy can catch fish in the bathtub.  If you are looking to catch or looking to learn, call Capt Josh.  Just tell him what you want to do in advance and he'll be straight up.

I probably wouldn't have caught any fish inshore without the advice from Chris Vecsey at Sam's Tackle Shop, Orange Beach.  They don't seem to have a website anymore ( but search them on facebook.  Great great hot biscuits for breakfast!

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